Telephone interviews

The MAX project team would like to invite registered users of the MAX toolkit to take part in a telephone interview. The purpose of the telephone interviews is to:

  • Explore how individual users have used – or are currently using – the MAX toolkit (or elements of the MAX toolkit) to improve the local relevance and value of adult social care survey data;
  • Identify the local practices that have facilitated the use of the MAX toolkit and any amendments to existing tools that would improve the accessibility and value of the MAX toolkit;
  • Establish whether the MAX toolkit has had an impact on local authority practice; and
  • Generate evidence (e.g. case studies and worked examples) that may encourage other local authorities to implement the toolkit or, where they have done so already, other elements of the MAX toolkit.

The telephone interviews will take up to 60 minutes to complete and will be conducted with a member of the MAX project team at a time that suits you. Where permitted, telephone interviews will also be conducted with relevant colleagues within your organisation (e.g. potential or actual ‘consumers’ of adult social care and/or carers survey data such as managers, commissioners, practitioners).

These activities may provide you with a valuable opportunity to request refinements to the MAX toolkit and to also share your experiences and ideas with your colleagues.

Further information about the telephone interviews can be found in the Q&A section or the participant information sheet. Alternatively, please feel free to email the MAX project team or call 01227 823963 to find out more or to register your interest in taking part.

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