Telephone interviews Q&As

I have only used one or two elements of the MAX toolkit. Can I still take part in an interview?

Yes! The MAX toolkit is designed to fulfil a wide range of support needs and we therefore anticipate that some users will only use a portion of the available guides and tools. We are keen to hear about your experiences of using the MAX toolkit, so hope that you will consider taking part in a telephone interview.

I am still using the MAX toolkit. Is it too early for me to register my interest in taking part in a telephone interview?

No, it is not too early to register. We can conduct the interview at a date and time to suit you.

I’m really busy and find it hard to make time to participate in research, how can I fit it in?

We appreciate you all are busy people and that finding the time to take part in research can be challenging. To minimise burden and enable you to take part in this research activity, we will arrange the interview at a time that is convenient for you.

If I take part in a telephone interview, will I also have to collaborate on the development of a case study or worked example?

No. Collaborating on the development of a case study or worked examples is not compulsory.

I am concerned about confidentiality. What steps will you take to maintain participant privacy?

We are committed to maintaining participant privacy and confidentiality at every stage of the research process and, through the University of Kent, are registered and compliant with the Data Protection Act (1998). Please be assured that your comments will be treated in confidence and that any quotes will have all identifiable information removed prior to publication. Further information about how we will use, store and process the data collected during the telephone interviews can be found in the participant information sheet.