Analysis of variance (ANOVA) are a type of inferential statistic that can be used to determine whether there is a statistically significant difference between the means of more than two unrelated groups (e.g. characterised by rating of satisfaction with services) on the same continuous dependent variable (e.g. SCRQoL). ANOVA is useful for exploring the differences between respondent groups and can be conducted in Excel.

Exploring the differences between respondent groups: conducting t-tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA) [summary] [presentation]



The following pre-recorded presentation provides a demonstration of how you can conduct ANOVA in Excel. Step-by-step instructions are also provided along with some ‘dummy’ practice data. Please note: the presentation and instructions are based on ASCS data but are also relevant to PSS SACE data.

Conducting Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) [video]
ANOVA [step by step instructions] [dummy data]



ANOVA can be conducted in Excel. Please note: you will need to install the Analysis ToolPak and Real Statistics Resource Pack add-in programmes. Instructions on how to install these add-ins can be accessed here.
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