About MAX

BACKGROUND: the MAX toolkit was developed during the maximising the value of survey data in adult social care (MAX) project and aims to support local authorities (LAs) to use more data from the Adult Social Care Survey (ASCS) and Carers’ Survey (PSS SACE) to inform local performance improvements (e.g. via commissioning, operational and strategic management). The MAX project was set up in 2012 in response to informal evidence that LA staff from all groups and within many organisations were not engaging with the surveys and, as a result, were not using the data to inform local social-care related planning and service improvements as the government intended. More..

AIMS OF THE PROJECT: the primary purpose of the current project is to explore how local authorities (LAs) have used – or are currently using – the MAX toolkit and the impact of the MAX toolkit on local practice (e.g. analysis, decision-making). This will be achieved by engaging with staff associated with the surveys and who have used the MAX toolkit – or who have a colleague who is using the toolkit – through a range of activities and consultations.

A secondary purpose of the project is to generate evidence that may encourage other LAs to use the toolkit or, where they have done so already, other elements of the toolkit. This will be achieved by collaborating with LA staff on the development of case studies of local practice improvements as a result of using the toolkit.

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