MAX Toolkit

The MAX toolkit is a free, online resource for local authority (LA) staff associated with the adult social care survey (ASCS) and carers survey (PSS SACE), and was developed by researchers at the Quality and Outcomes of person-centred care Research Unit (QORU) in partnership with LA representatives.

The toolkit contains short guides on the key stages of the survey process (planning, analysis and interpretation, and reporting), Excel-based analysis tools and training resources, and can help LA staff to:

  • Transform ASCS and PSS SACE data into meaningful management information;
  • Calculate more accurate estimates of service impact;
  • Learn how to conduct more in-depth and useful analysis; and
  • Create concise and engaging survey reports.

125 staff from 86 LAs have registered to use the MAX toolkit so far. Please email the MAX project team to find out more or to register.

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